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Repository Pattern with C# and Entity Framework, Done Right | Mosh

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Confused about the repository pattern? This tutorial explains it all.

There are many tutorials about the repository pattern and many of them are conflicting. If you’ve been confused about the proper way to implement the repository and unit of work patterns with Entity Framework, this video is for you.

00:00 What is the Repository Pattern?
00:47 Benefits of the Repository Pattern
03:50 Repository in a Nutshell
04:47 What is the Unit of Work Pattern?
05:00 Does Entity Framework Really Implement Repository and Unit of Work Patterns?
09:31 Clean Architecture
11:43 Implementing the Repository Pattern
14:09 Implementing the Unit of Work Pattern
15:09 Repository and Unit of Work Patterns in Code
22:49 Example of Repository and Unit of Work Patterns

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