Tinishu Balabat – Episode 88 ( Kata TV drama )

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Tinishu Balabat – Episode 88: The Mystery of the Missing Bracelet (Kana TV Drama)

Tinishu Balabat , In the latest episode of Tinishu Balabat, the titular character is faced with a new mystery: the disappearance of her beloved bracelet. Tinishu is determined to find out who took the bracelet and why, but her investigation leads her down a dangerous path.

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The episode begins with Tinishu wearing her bracelet as she goes about her day. However, when she returns home, she discovers that the bracelet is missing. Tinishu is devastated, as the bracelet was a gift from her grandmother. She begins to search her house for the bracelet, but she cannot find it anywhere.

Tinishu’s friends and family offer to help her look for the bracelet, but they are also unable to find it. Tinishu is starting to lose hope when she receives a mysterious message. The message tells Tinishu that if she wants to see her bracelet again, she must meet the sender at a secret location.

Tinishu Balabat – Episode 88

Tinishu goes to the secret location, where she meets a man who claims to know who took her bracelet. The man tells Tinishu that the bracelet was taken by a group of criminals who are planning to sell it on the black market. Tinishu is determined to stop the criminals, but she knows that she will need help.

Tinishu calls her friends and family, and they all agree to help her. Together, they track down the criminals and rescue the bracelet. Tinishu is overjoyed to have her bracelet back, and she is grateful to her friends and family for their help.

This episode of Tinishu Balabat is a thrilling mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end. The episode is full of suspense, action, and drama, and it will leave you wanting more. If you are a fan of mystery dramas, then you will definitely want to check out this episode.

This episode of Tinishu Balabat is also available to watch on YouTube. You can find it on the Kana TV Drama channel.

Kana TV is a popular Ethiopian television channel that broadcasts a variety of programming, including dramas, movies, news, and sports. The channel is available in Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia.

If you are looking for a great Ethiopian drama to watch, then I highly recommend Tinishu Balabat. The show is full of suspense, action, and drama, and it will keep you entertained from beginning to end. You can watch Tinishu Balabat on YouTube or on the Kana TV website.