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Use ChatGPT to Build a RegEx Generator – OpenAI API Low Code Course

Learn to construct a dashboard that generates RegEx utilizing the OpenAI API and a low code software known as Retool. The dashboard permits customers to enter a string, write an outline of the specified RegEx, and generate the code to remodel the string accordingly.

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💻 You’ll find the iframe code right here:

✏️ This course was created by @AniaKubow .

🏗 Retool offered a grant to make this course doable. Study extra about Retool:

⭐️ Contents ⭐️
(0:00) Introduction
(2:36) Writing our personal regex code
(5:06) Creating the header component
(8:11) Creating the textual content space
(11:35) Learn how to create a customized code editor
(16:32) Creating the brand new button
(19:08) Organising the sidebar
(20:58) Configuring the open api api
(22:51) The physique of the instance instance
(24:58) Organising the code

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