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React Tutorial for Beginners

React JS Tutorial for Beginners – Study React 18 with TypeScript and construct superior frontend app!
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00:00:00 Course Intro
00:01:55 Conditions
00:02:43 What’s React?
00:04:57 Setting Up the Improvement Surroundings
00:06:24 Making a React App
00:09:17 Mission Construction
00:11:20 Making a React Element
00:16:41 How React Works
00:19:00 React Ecosystem
00:21:04 Constructing Elements
00:21:40 Making a ListGroup Element
00:27:15 Fragments
00:29:42 Rendering Lists
00:33:11 Conditional Rendering
00:38:36 Dealing with Occasions
00:44:43 Managing State
00:50:44 Passing Knowledge Through Props
00:54:42 Passing Capabilities Through Props
00:58:27 State Vs Props
01:00:00 Passing Kids
01:05:04 Inspecting Elements with React Dev Instruments
01:07:14 Train: Constructing a Button Element
01:14:15 Train: Displaying an Alert

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24 thoughts on “React Tutorial for Beginners

  • I'm a complete beginner with a pretty basic understanding of JS. I'm gonna do the course and see how it is.

  • Thks for your superb tutorial. I understood that React is one of the languages of the moment and have never seen any coding in it before hence chose this vid. I would just like to say I have programmed in C since the late '70's and there were people the world over at the time knocking it for being complex and confusing. Well, I;d just like to say here we are nearly 50 years on and I'm looking at a pile of bastardised HTML junk thrown together in almost unreadable and convoluted form, what total and utter morons ever sat down and conceived this absolute shite, more of a question what meds were they on. What an absolute abortion of language for 2023. Could they have made this any more of a complete mess if they actually tried, I feel not, And think about how C was knocked for this way back then, Who the hell comes up with these ideas and syntax, in the first 30mins of the tutorial I can't come up with anything that could be added to make it more obfuscated, so they really have done an excellent job in that department.
    Your superb vid has made me aware of what React is ( or perhaps more is not ) and I am gobsmacked which is why I had to throw my bit in here, Who in their right mind would ever go anywhere near this junk when there are so many alternatives out there these day, I feel a quick vid on that would be very interesting as this is for sure strictly for the masochists to ever think about bothering with, and Why would you ???????????.
    Thks again and 10/10 on your part but -10/10 for the state of React, have given Thumbs up for the vid, you certainly deserve it having to deal with it so deeply. Kind Rgds. Truly Stunned.

  • “Learn react in one hour” doesn’t even explain the basic function syntax, he just outright uses it without explaining lmfao.

  • In 34:25 you say there is duplication in code and you will show a different way to achieve the same result. But the result is actually completely different. When you used if statement, you displayed either of two outcomes. After making condition in your "simpler" way you display both ! It is not visible as you used empty array, just use your list of cities and make some other condition :/

  • A1 1:20:03, I have a question. When you had the Props property earlier and you said name: string, in the App.tsx file you said name="me" to pass the property to the component, but when you have children: string, how come you don't write something like children="…"??

  • how do you get the import statement added automatically? When I type useS there is no autocomplete and even when I type useState the import statement doesn't get added automatically.

  • Great tutorial! Extremely helpful.

    One question – how do you get the react hooks to auto-complete and auto-import? Didn't see that covered. Not sure if it is a different plugin or setting for Sublime Text (editor I'm using), but it seems packages are generally the same. Google isn't helping very much!

  • The Ctrl + D shortcut to find the next occurrence of a word was such a neat trick! Really enjoying the lesson – thank you!

  • He cheats viewers by giving the wrong msg in thumbnail saying all the content in one video .. and he tries to push users to buy his course for the rest of the contest… Although Mosh is a great lecture but at the same time misleading the thumbnail and wasting users time dear mosh please do not do this!

  • is everybody's HMR working? Because mine is not. I have to manually restart the server with the shortcut <r> in order to see the changes

  • Transitioning from backend to full stack development a few years ago. Been developing react apps for the last two years. I picked up several neat shortcuts and several key takeaways for a project I am building from scratch now. Thank you!

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